Respect for the environment is in our DNA. Since founding our company more than 20 years ago, PDPlay has taken more than 30,000,000 milk jugs, that would otherwise take up precious landfill space, and converted them into bright and colorful play structures and recreation site amenities such as picnic tables, benches and trashcans. Our playgrounds are energy efficient too. It takes approximately 30% less energy to make our play structures compared with structures made from non-recycled material.

We believe what is good for the playground should also be good for the planet. As a pioneer in environmentally sound playgrounds, we take our leadership position very seriously. We recently expanded our business into playground safety surfacing with the creation of our PDPlay Pad division, which diverts tens of thousands of tires from landfills each year.

At PDPlay, the environment is not an afterthought; it is at the core of our business. Every day we strive to operate our business and optimize our products to reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining our exceptionally high level of quality and customer focus.

PDPlay products are proudly manufactured in Southern California. We are family-owned and the only commercial playground manufacturer in California. Our customers include municipalities and government institutions throughout the country, including many of our nation’s military bases. We’ve built our business on innovative design, respect for the planet and excellent customer service. We look forward to helping you build your next playground!

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