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Amphitheater Seating

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Our post-consumer HDPE (high-density polyethylene) recycled plastic lumber is ideal for more than just playgrounds–in fact, we use the product to build shade structures, decks, recreation site furnishings, and even stadium seating.

Recently, we teamed up with Cuyamaca College in El Cajon, California to renovate their outdoor amphitheater. Traditionally, steel or aluminum are the main components of amphitheater seating, but the college was looking for a more durable, low-maintenance alternative to outfit their facility. The material had to be weather-resistant and able to resist rot, repel heat, and preserve color stability; HDPE was an obvious choice for the project.

Amphitheater Seating 1

In addition to boasting innumerable characteristics that make it optimal for manufacturing, our HDPE is crafted from the highest amount of post-consumer recycled content available in the commercial market. Using HDPE allows us to save energy on manufacturing while reducing resource consumption and pollution. Projects like Cuyamaca Amphitheater are responsible for keeping millions of recyclables out of landfills, thus giving us the opportunity to help preserve the environment while allowing others to enjoy it.

Our goal with Cuyamaca Amphitheater was to provide the college with a versatile facility capable of withstanding the elements. The end result was an impervious outdoor area for students and faculty to enjoy for many years to come. Check out all the photos on our Facebook Page.

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