Building Playgrounds from Recycled Plastic

Building Playgrounds from Recycled Plastic

While building playgrounds from recycled plastic like milk containers may seem like a cool concept, at PDPlay, our work’s purpose is much more than that. We believe that the environment our children play in is as important as the playgrounds we create, which is why we have championed environmental responsibility for nearly two decades.

But there’s more to the milk containers than just that; recycled plastic beats out traditional playground building materials on all accounts


Remember snagging your shirt as a kid on the sharp corners of the playground? Or stinging from the burn of an overheated slide?

Our post-consumer HDPE (high-density polyethylene) recycled plastic lumber solves the playground problems of yesteryear while providing a durable, weather-resistant alternative to more traditional building materials. Each component of these recycled lumber pieces is molded to be UV stabilized for color stability. Additionally, they effectively utilize millions of recycled milk containers that would otherwise end up in a landfill.


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But how strong can recycled plastic really be?

Well, strong enough to carry tanks… in fact, a whole bridge of them.

In 2009, the U.S. Army commissioned Axion International Holdings to build two bridges from recycled plastic. Both the 40-foot and 80-foot bridges were each designed to have a high-loading rating of 130 tons and were to be used to transport both locomotives and freight traffic.

So while our playgrounds are more durable and more impervious than their traditional counterparts, they can also withstand extremely high weight loads.

Our commitment to creating quality playgrounds extends through every aspect of our business. We design play spaces that are safe for children, as well as the environment, and hold true to our ideals and business philosophy.



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PDPlay is the only commercial playground manufacturer in California…

…and our mission is to make safe, fun, and durable playgrounds for children today with consideration for the environment they will inherit tomorrow.