Natural Playground at Montiavo

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Natural Play, Natural Fun!

Montiavo is a peaceful community set in the wonderful wine country of Sant Maria, CA.  It boasts beautifully landscaped grounds with various walking paths and trails as well as open courtyards.

Montiavo is proud to introduce its very own Natural Playground, custom-built and manufactured by PDPlay. Its unique design features wood components made from natural Black Locust Wood found in Wisconsin.  Black Locust is typically used in high-end home flooring for its durability and exotic rain-forest texture.


Designed for children ages 5-12, this Natural Playground contains components that are safe for younger children to enjoy as well, making it as diverse as it is aesthetically beautiful.  It was designed with rugged and ambitious play in mind and engineered and built to last a lifetime.


The spiderweb climbers, rope climbers and cargo net climbers pictured below were created by PDPlay’s fabricators by weaving simple climbing ropes together to create something new.  The rope ends which connect the climbers are capable of withstanding up to 3,500 lbs. Electronic wrapping which was heat shrunk onto each assembly part was used to protect components as well as users from any protrusions.



Using the architects’ basic design idea,  PDPlay’s own designers and engineers were able to bring this masterful concept to life in under four weeks and at a fifth of the cost of any other custom playground manufacturer around. The project was completed in the fall of 2016.  It was CPSC inspected and met all ATSM guidelines and regulations.

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