Product Category: Outdoor Learning Environments

Outdoor Learning Environments extend the classroom into the outdoors where children can play with and among natural elements such as sand, water and living plants. These natural playgrounds give children the opportunity to learn through cause and effect the impact they have on their immediate surroundings and the environment as a whole.

PIP Creations

PIP Creations are specially designed for infant playgrounds and come as either stand alone features or can be integrated directly into your playgrounds safety surfacing. Our stand alone creations are built to order and »

Tuned Drums

These 5 tuned hand drums are made with replaceable plastic heads ranging from seven inches to fifteen inches in diameter. The drums can be ordered in standard or preschool heights to suit your needs. »

The Swirl

The stunning sculptural presence of this design exudes both beautiful sounds and visual art. Tones are pure, soothing and never go out of tune. Ideal for music therapy and community music projects. The chimes »


Metallophones have been used in music for hundreds of years. There are several different types used in gamelan ensembles. The Pegasus is a hefty metallophone made with twenty-three resonated aluminum bars in the key »

Pagoda Bells

Reminiscent of the architecture of the Orient, the Pagoda is a vertical array of bells that provide lush tones of long duration. Durable and completely maintenance-free, the Pagoda Bells are a calming addition to »

Manta Ray

The Manta Ray is an elegant anodized aluminum metallophone with a non-rusting steel frame. The individual chime tubes are suspended by nylon coated stainless steel cable. The same scale is mirrored to the right »


The Imbarimba is a pentatonic instrument that delivers resonating sounds. The inspiration for this design combines elements of two African classics – the marimba (a resonated xylophone) and kalimba (a thumb piano). Notes are »

Flying Amadinda

The Amadinda is an ancient xylophone from Uganda. Freenotes Harmony Park Amadinda is an improved design made with coated fiberglass musical bars that are suspended in a frame made from recycled plastic. The fiberglass »

Contrabass Chimes

Stunning in both their towering appearance and low resonant tones, the Contrabass Chimes provide a outdoor music experience through powerful sounds that are both heard and felt. There are seven chimes available, ranging from »

Outdoor Musical Instruments

PDPlay now offers outdoor musical instruments designed with acoustic precision and perfect tone.  These creative playground components are built to maintain pure and soothing tones through years of rigorous play and exposure to the »