When planning your next playground project, it is important to not overlook the prospect of financing a portion, if not all of the expenses through fundraising or grants. Whether you are a private organization, a non-profit or a community team, there are a many resources available to assist with your playground project. 

When planning to fundraise or seek out grants for your project, keep in mind that this process is going to take significant time and initiative. A safe time frame for preparatory planning which may include fundraising and grant application and approval is about two years. 

We at PDPlay would like to take this opportunity to share a few of our favorite avenues for funding the playground of your dreams.


Everything from the type of environment they are in, the activities they do, and the equipment they play with has an important impact on the growth and development of children. A safe public play space is an investment in fitness, fun and the future well being of the community it serves. Healthy children equal a healthy future and that benefits everyone. There are many Federal programs that offer grants to help communities build such play spaces. Do not hesitate to apply for any grants that you may qualify for.  ‘Rules of the Playground is a great source for current grant opportunities and fundraisers to help build your playground.

Community Funding

There are many ways to entice community members to become funders for your new project. Here are a few points you can make to help sell the idea:

Play is a hugely significant part of any child’s development, and creating safe, interactive and stimulating environments for children is very important. Research has proven that children who engage in play are happier, more intelligent, healthier and more curious, and reap a whole host of other benefits which improve both their physical and mental well-being.

A community play space benefits the parents and families as well. Providing a common area for meetups and events and creating a natural support system vital for community success.

These shared play spaces require much collaboration and involvement among community members in terms of funding, planning, and execution. In the end, your new playground will bring new life to the community.

Don’t be afraid to look to local schools, daycares or community centers for funding aid. Many public schools these days are cutting back on recess and childhood obesity is rampant. Creating a safe public play space outside of schools and childcare centers where children can spend their time in an active environment is an excellent way to ensure a healthy lifestyle. It is also a great means to help keep children out of trouble and harms way.

Here’s a list of some common community fundraising ideas:
Silent Auction
Golf Tournament
Smile Amazon
Boxtops for Education
Facebook Cause Page
Car Wash
Gourmet Popcorn Sale
Bake Sale
Sponsored Run
Recycle for Cash
Magazine Sale
Cookie Dough Sale
Gift Wrap Sale
Local Coupon Book Sale


Many playground manufacturers offer business financing through third party financing companies. Financing your playground affords you the option of getting new equipment right now and paying for it in small, manageable payments. Financing is flexible and convenient and there is potential to receive significant tax advantages. There are many financing companies that specialize in playground leasings such as QuickSpark, LeaseProcess, and First Pacific Funding to name a few but you can also approach your local bank to see if they have any programs you can take advantage of to finance the purchase of your next playground.

Business Sponsorship

What better way to demonstrate community involvement than by participating in a local playground project! There are many small businesses out there that would love to show their community appreciation through such sponsorship. 

Entice small business by offering customized site furnishings to include their business name or logo or another form of visual advertisement to you play space in exchange for sponsorship and aid.

Crowd Sourcing

Raising awareness about your playground project has never been easier! Through crowdfunding, you can now raise funds online for your playground. If you have local sponsors for your project, you may ask them to donate goods or services that you can offer as “perks” on your crowdsourcing page. This is an excellent and appealing incentive for potential funders.

Here are a few of our favorite crowdfunding sites:
Donors Choose
My Event

Choose the avenues that work best for you and your community and get started today!  If you have additional ideas on fundraising for playgrounds please let us know and we will share it on this blog post.