Poured-in-Place Turtle – Infant Playgrounds

PIP Turtle for Infant Playgrounds

You already know that PDPlay manufactures and installs state of the art rubber poured-in-place rubberized surfacing, but did you also know we can create independent, custom fun shapes with the same material? Introducing the Poured-in-Place PIP Turtle: a new component that’s safe, durable, and palletized for shipment around the globe!

The Poured-in-Place Turtle can be installed virtually anywhere and is the perfect component for active infants. The thick, cushioned surface allows children to play safely while providing a durable, maintenance-free, and environmentally friendly playscape.  The Turtle is specially designed for infant playgrounds, built to order and requires no on-site visits for measurements or installation.

The new Poured-in-Place Turtle is the perfect addition to any playground, and will provide an exciting space for children to enjoy for many years to come!

Turtle – Infant Playground 1