The Play Deficit

Lack of play is causing innumerable issues in children today

Considering that play promotes intellectual, physical, and social benefits, children devoid of play are missing out on aspects that are vital to their health and growth. Ample research highlights the problems of play-deprivation, including low levels of creativity and poorly developed abilities for problem-solving and socializing.  But the problems don’t end there…

A lack of play causes a severe decrease in social skills, resiliency, and the ability to assess risk.  Children deprived of play show increased problems with social integration, possibly due to the fact that they do not learn how to work well in groups, share, or resolve conflicts.  Additionally, there are real, harmful physical effects attributed to the play deficit, including a rise in ADHD diagnoses, obesity, and anxiety and depression in children.

Wondering how to keep your children from becoming a statistic?

The solution is simple–get outside and PLAY!