How to Surface Your Playground Safely

Long gone are the days of metal playgrounds atop unrelenting concrete!  Instead, today’s playgrounds are built with strict safety guidelines for each and every component, including the surfaces they’re built upon.  At PDPlay, we have an entire division devoted to playground safety surfacing, with options to fit any budget, fall height, or aesthetic requirement.

PDPlay Pad

We provide our customers with many safety surfacing options, including sand, synthetic grass, rubber tiles, wood fiber surfacing, poured-in-place (PIP) rubber, and recycled rubber swing mats. Our goal is to provide customers with the best options to fit their playground needs, while offering choices to complement the overall look and feel of their vision.

Click here for information on our safety surfacing division, and check out the images below from a few of our favorite projects:

Playground Safety Surfacing 1

Playground Safety Surfacing 2

Playground Safety Surfacing 3

Playground Safety Surfacing 4