Fun for Fun Sake – Hillslides and Custom Water Play

Outdoor Learning Environments

We love it when we create new Outdoor Learning Environments at a childcare facility where the kids get involved in the construction.  It helps to broaden their learning process as they better understand how some of the things they use every day are constructed.  We recently completed an Outdoor Learning Environment in the Seattle, WA area and during the construction of our custom water feature the kids put on their hard hats and pitched in during the inlay phase.  Check out a couple of the photos below.


Kids Get Involved in the Construction

Hillslides are one of the most popular components of our Outdoor Learning Environments, and kids absolutely love them! With each new playground we install, hillslides are the first thing want to play on.  Check out the video and photos below of the kids enjoying themselves right after the playground was open for play.



Unlike traditional playground components, there are no preconceived rules for how to play on a hillslide. Kids can roll, tumble, or race down the sides; this sense of freedom stimulates kids capacity for creativity while improving awareness, reasoning, and observation skills.

Our sustainable hillslides are the perfect component for active kids. They can weather the elements without the expense of upkeep of watering or re-sodding. And not only will they last longer, but they can also help teach kids the true value of our environment by allowing them the opportunity to experience it firsthand.

As the title of this post says, the kids are having fun for fun sake…. the best kind of fun!

Hillslides Play 1

Hillslides Play 2