Product Category: Playground Safety Surfacing

Long gone are the days of metal playgrounds atop unrelenting concrete! Instead, today’s playgrounds are built with strict safety guidelines for each and every component, including the surfaces they’re built upon.

smart surface

Smart Surface Rubber Surfacing Kit

Smart Surface is a 100% recycled rubber surfacing product for patch and repair on existing surfaces and also small area new projects. Conveniently packaged for easy mixing and site application in 6.5 gallon pails. »

rubber swing mats

Recycled Rubber Swing Mats

Recycled Rubber Swing Mats are a maintenance-free, economical product primarily used for eliminating the displacement or “kick-out” of loose fill material used under play equipment safety zones. The pads are composed of high quality recycled and »

rubberized surfacing

Poured-in-Place (PIP) Rubberized Surfacing

PDPlay Poured-in-Place Rubberized Surfacing is an ideal surface when it comes to selecting a playground surface that is safe, durable, attractive, maintenance free and environmentally friendly. Poured-in-Place Rubberized Surfacing allows a seamless integration of »

Wood Fiber Surfacing

When it comes to ADA access, PDPlay-engineered Wood Fiber provides a very cost effective alternative to rubberized surfacing. When properly maintained, this resilient surfacing provides ADA access to the entire playground site. PDPlay-engineered Wood »

rubber tiles

Rubber Tiles

PDPlay Pad Rubber Tiles provide an intelligent choice when it comes to selecting a playground surface that is safe, durable, maintenance free and environmentally friendly. This outstanding surfacing eliminates harmful buried debris and protects »

synthetic grass

Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass is becoming a popular playground safety surfacing option. It is also being increasingly used for landscape and yard space due to its durability and reduced need for water and maintenance. This is »


Sand is a natural impact-absorbing surfacing material that’s incredibly tactile. It’s widely considered to be the most economical surfacing material available, and can be installed in virtually any environment. Although sand does not meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) »