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San Marcos High School Custom Outdoor Fitness Course

PDPlay was recently selected to design and build a custom outdoor fitness course for San Marcos High School in San Marcos, CA. The course included specially made fitness components and natural elements that were installed atop our poured-in-place rubber safety surfacing. The San Marcos High School Fitness Course was created as a full fitness regimen and incorporated a collection of hurdle jumps, climbers, parallel bars, and more. It was designed to promote all aspects of fitness including »

PDPlay Partners with the U.S. Navy for Natural Playground Project

Last year, we were awarded a contract by the U.S. Navy to build natural playgrounds at four separate bases in the U.S. for the families of Navy personnel to enjoy.  We recently completed the contract and are thrilled with the results! The playgrounds, located at child care centers on naval bases Kitsap-Bangor, Kings Bay, Murphy Canyon, and Pensacola, featured components such as local plants and boulders, mounds, and tree-surround seating areas to contribute to the authenticity of »

How Much Does a Natural Playground Cost?

Throughout the years, we’ve designed and built numerous natural playgrounds for schools, community centers, daycares, and more, and as with most purchases, one of the first questions we’re asked is: How much does a natural playground cost? While the question is straightforward the answer is not always so easy.  Cost depends on a variety of factors such as but not limited too the readiness of the proposed area, accessibility of the proposed area for crews »

Poured-in-Place Turtle – Infant Playgrounds

PIP Turtle for Infant Playgrounds You already know that PDPlay manufactures and installs state of the art rubber poured-in-place rubberized surfacing, but did you also know we can create independent, custom fun shapes with the same material? Introducing the Poured-in-Place PIP Turtle: a new component that’s safe, durable, and palletized for shipment around the globe! The Poured-in-Place Turtle can be installed virtually anywhere, and is the perfect component for active infants. The thick, cushioned surface allows children to »

5 Ways to Get Your Playground Back to School Ready

August is upon us, and for educators, that means one thing: school is right around the corner! While most back to school planning is focused inside of the classroom, it’s important to be prepared on the playground as well.  Outdoor play areas can provide kids with an ideal environment for exercising and exploring, socializing with friends, and connecting with nature; since these benefits are so crucial to childhood development, it’s important to make sure that defective equipment, loose hardware, and »

6 Simple Ways to Incorporate Nature Into Your Playground

Nature is the perfect learning environment for children to play with and among elements such as sand, water, and living plants. These components encourage physical and imaginative play, but are often overlooked in traditional commercial playground building. Creating an environment for children to fully reap the benefits of outdoor play is crucial, especially in a time when unstructured play is being overshadowed by television, video games,and other electronic amusements. At PDPlay, we’ve found a »

Playground Safety Surfacing

Long gone are the days of metal playgrounds atop unrelenting concrete!  Instead, today’s playgrounds are built with strict safety guidelines for each and every component, including the surfaces they’re built upon.  At PDPlay, we have an entire division devoted to playground safety surfacing, with options to fit any budget, fall height, or aesthetic requirement. We provide our customers with many safety surfacing options, including sand, synthetic grass, rubber tiles, wood fiber surfacing, poured-in-place (PIP) rubber, and recycled rubber swing mats. Our goal is »

Castle Park Fitness Course

PDPlay was selected to design and build a custom fitness course by the Sweetwater Union School District. The San Diego Chargers charity, Chargers Community Foundation, funded the fitness course through the Chargers Champions program, which provides grants to San Diego County schools for physical fitness, nutrition, and athletic programs on their campuses. The Castle Park Fitness Course was created as a full fitness regimen and incorporated a collection of hurdle jumps, vault walls, a »

Rust Never Sleeps

Rust Never Sleeps The debate rages on regarding recycled plastic commercial play systems versus metal play systems. With metal play systems, you have the opportunity to create shapes such as angled and curved posts and overhanging components. Contrarily, commercial recycled plastic systems are more linear, as the material comes in nominal lumber sizes. The manufacturers of metal structures have developed two lines: the first is a true commercial system using large, 5″ OD metal »

What Exactly is a Hillslide?

Hillslides are one of the most popular components of our Outdoor Learning Environments, creating a more natural (and fun!) approach to an age-old playground favorite. But what exactly is a hillslide? In simple terms, a hillslide is exactly what it sounds like: a hill with a slide on it. That’s how many landscape architects, playground planners, and “so-called” natural playground designers think. Their designs include a hill, access steps, flowers, rocks, boulders, plants and »