Sand Play




Sand Play is an integral part of any Outdoor Learning Environment. Children can run their fingers through sand or water without traveling to the beach. This form of play gives children the ability to build whatever their imagination can dream.

Children are learning while having fun!

The self-directed play offered at sand tables has incredible learning benefits. Sand Play helps children improve their coordination skills. It allows them to use their gross motor and cognitive skills while learning the basic fundamentals of math. It ‘s also a fantastic way to test out their artistic expression. 

Think of all the things children can learn by investigating the properties of dry sand. These discoveries expand even more when water is added!

Our Sand features are often incorporated to work with our Water features. You can find examples in the photos below.  Pair these two features together and you’ve created the perfect conditions for sand castles that are engineering marvels created without an ocean in sight.

Depending on the size of the playground, you may want two separate areas for sand and water or have one table that accommodates both, like the Village Sand and Water Factory. Regardless of how you set up the playground with sand and water, children are bound to learn and have fun. Although it can be messy at times, sand and water play offers learning benefits for children that far outweigh the cleanup.

You can find more sand options on page 32 and 33 in the Village Play section of our catalog.

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