Hillslides are a popular component of Outdoor Learning Environments and they provide kids with loads of fun! They are extra safe because there is no fall zone. Children love running up the hill and zipping down the slide or rolling down the grass.

Hillslides generally come in three sizes but can be modified to fit any area, budget or design. For lasting durability choose to finish your Hillslide with PDPlay Pad Synthetic Grass.

PDPlay Hillslides are designed using dirt, wire mesh, concrete, and either natural grass or artificial turf. This makes for a sustainable, natural feature that can withstand the elements (and kids).

It is crucial to create an environment for children to fully reap the benefits of outdoor play. This is particularly important today, in a time when unstructured play is being overshadowed by screen time. At PDPlay, we’ve found a way to incorporate natural elements into our play structures that still comply with commercial playground guidelines and safety laws. We call these integrated playgrounds Outdoor Learning Environments.

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