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Natural Playground at Montiavo

Natural Play, Natural Fun! Montiavo is a peaceful community set in the wonderful wine country of Sant Maria, CA.  It boasts beautifully landscaped grounds with various walking paths and trails as well as open courtyards. Montiavo is proud to introduce it’s very own Natural Playground, custom built and manufactured by PDPlay. It’s unique design features wood components made from natural Black Locust Wood found in Wisconsin.  Black Locust is typically used in high end home flooring for its durability and »

Freestanding Wide Slide

This extra wide slide is great for children 2-5 and provides easy access and safe sliding. Additional Info Age Group:               2-12 Dimensions:             4′ x 12′ Minimum Use Zone: 16′ x 24′ Deck Height:             40″

Freestanding Wave Slide

The Freestanding Wave Slide provides fun and excitement for kids as they zip up and down its for a wavy ride. Additional Info Age Group:               2-12 Dimensions:             4′ x 15′ Minimum Use Zone: 16′ x 27′ Deck Height:             48″


No play set is complete without a slide! The right slide can easily become the main attraction to any playground, providing children with a rush of fun as they zoom down again and again. PDPlay offers a complete line of commercial playground slides including Wave Slides, Spiral Slides, Tube Slides, Turn Slides and Double, Single or Wide Straight Slides.