Sustainable Earth

Playgrounds for this Planet

We believe the environment our children play in is as Sustainable-Earth-1important as the playground, which is why we have championed environmental responsibility for nearly two decades. A proud pioneer in the use of recycled materials, since 1990 we’ve designed our playground equipment, recreation site amenities and safety surfacing with safety and sustainability in mind.

Our bright and colorful play structures have the highest amount of post-consumer recycled content available in the commercial playground market. Our use of post consumer HDPE (high-density polyethylene) recycled plastic lumber in our structures, decks and recreation site furnishings effectively utilizes millions of recycled milk containers each year that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Our poured-in-place safety surfacing and other rubber surfacing options are made from 100% post-consumer content that we source from landfills. Our products count toward LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification because of the high level of recycled content in our playgrounds. In 2005, our company was recognized as the first playground manufacturer to meet the environmental standards set forth by California’s Collaborative for High Performance (CHPS), a non-profit that promotes energy efficient quality school facilities and has set a new standard for sustainability in California and nationwide.

Sustainable-Earth-2PDPlay playgrounds are safe for children and the environment. Our manufactured products do not, and have never, contained PVC or phthalates. A commitment to sustainability is present in every area of our business from the packaging to the playground. We make extensive use of recycled, renewable and non-toxic materials, conserve energy whenever possible, increase efficiencies and recycle nearly all of our manufacturing waste.

As a company, we constantly strive to operate our business and optimize our products to reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining our legacy of offering the highest possible play value. Our mission is to make safe, fun and durable playgrounds for children today with consideration for the environment they will inherit tomorrow. We hope you will join us in this mission.