Ten Station Fitness Course


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Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

PDPlay’s Ten Station Fitness Course is designed to promote physical fitness among school-age children. Our course is a great addition to any school, park or camp.

Included are two large and easy-to-read instructional signs that outline the exercise sequence and repetition for each activity. Exercises include pull-up bars, step-up platforms, monkey bars, balance beams, climbing panels, sit-up benches and more!

Our courses have been designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.

Zig Zag Balance Beam (3 Beams) All Ages $ 768.50
Parallel Bars 8′ All Ages $ 763.20
Parallel Bars 10′ All Ages $ 948.70
Straight Balance Beam 8′ All Ages $ 386.90
Straight Balance Beam 10′ All Ages $ 445.20
4- Station Pull Up/Chin Up Bars All Ages $ 1,722.50
3- Station Pull Up/Chin Up Bars All Ages $ 1356.80
2- Station Pull Up/Chin Up Bars All Ages $ 1007.00

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Weight 2400 lbs