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Piper is a smaller more durable version of the Imbarimba. It is a great instrument for improvisational rhythms and is played in the key of C Major. This Weenote features fiberglass bars providing contrast in tone to the other 2 instruments in the Weenotes ensemble.

  • Multigenerational
  • Interactive Play
  • Durable
  • Sculptural
  • Perfectly Tuned
  • No Wrong Notes
  • All Abilities, All Ages
  • Everyone Can Play!

Music is a global, artistic language that creates community, connection and a sense of belonging. Some studies suggest that music is older than speech and language, and that speech may have even evolved from music. The primal power of music evokes emotions, memories, and images, taking the participant on a magical journey.

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Recycled Inground Mount Kit, Recycled Portable Mount Kit, Recycled Surface Mount Kit, Steel Inground Mount Kit, Steel Portable Mount Kit, Steel Surface Mount Kit