Happy Hollow


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Welcome to the whimsical world of Happy Hollow where forest friends teach children new things every day. The Happy Hollow is a flower bud shaped structure with doorways on either side. Inside, a fantastic kitchen and living room awaits for kids to discover with wonderment. The outside is full of captivating activities that work fine and gross motor skills as well as basic problem-solving. Bertie the Bluebird is perched at a window ready to turn her head with a stealthily hidden hand crank that toddlers or teachers can work. Carl the Caterpillar hangs out by the door with a body full of rings ready to be pushed back and forth or grasped by children who are just starting to pull themselves around. Bella the Butterfly sports small spheres to be grasped and pulled through a maze of passages in her wings. Marty the Sensory Mushroom sits under Farah the Firefly both offering sensory engagement for toddlers big and small. All these critters live in the Happy Hollow, a home for learning and discovery.