Freestanding Poly Straight Slide

Freestanding 48in Straight Slide

The freestanding poly straight slide is a traditional, straight slide that provides a speedy direct route for children playing. It helps them to grasp the concept of slide usage, and sets them up for more ambitious products such as the freestanding ‘cobra slide’ or the freestanding ‘wave slide’

Standalone slides are perfect for smaller areas, as they don’t take up too much space. Furthermore, a standalone slide helps children practice and build confidence in the safety and security of a confined space before they progress on to busier playground equipment slides with other children.  – products that can both be purchased by PDPlay.

The PDPlay Poly Straight Slide is sized just right for kids of all ages and is an easy way to add extra fun to your playground even when space is limited!

Additional Info

Age Group:               2-12
Dimensions:             4′ x 16′
Minimum Use Zone: 16′ x 28′
Deck Height:             48″

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