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PDPlay builds more than just great playgrounds. In fact, our 100% HDPE (high-density polyethylene) sheet plastic is also ideal for custom signs! With our state-of-the-art CNC capabilities, we can make just about any kind of highly durable, long-lasting sign for your business, school, local park, golf course, community center, or daycare.

Creating signs from HDPE plastic allows for maximum durability indoors or outside. Signs are UV stabilized and uniquely fabricated to prevent vandalism and graffiti. They will weather the elements, never rot or rust, and keep your patrons well informed. Our custom HDPE signs will save you money over time by lowering long-term maintenance and eliminating replacement costs.

Pricing above is for a freestanding 3’10” W x 5’ H sign with tricolor HDPE and two recycled plastic posts.

All signs are made with HDPE sheet plastic in a variety of colors and sizes with or without posts.  Add Custom Signs to your request for a quote and provide the details of the desired sign size, color palette, and message on the sign so we can properly quote to you.

Contact us today and let our talented staff create beautiful new signage for your outdoor area.

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