Golf Course Yardage Markers

Our yardage markers are made from high quality hdpe. They are highly visible, easy to install!    

Golf Swing Mirror

Something so simple can provide a large amount of feedback. Most players have no idea how they look at various points in their set up and/or swing. Our Golf Swing Mirror can help you see and improve a wide variety of flaws in your setup and technique.  

Xccent Independent Play Axis Spinner

The Axis Spinner is Xccent’s single person spinner that is designed on an angle to create a powerful spinning experience! Sit inside the bowl or on the edge, either way your children will have the time of their life on this fun-filled spinner! ASTM Safety Zone: 14′-0″ x 14′-0″ Maximum Fall Height: 27″

Xccent Independent Play Zoom Line

This exhilarating zip line experience on your playground includes a deck and ramp take off platform. Overall length can vary from 40′-90′ Min Area Req: 55’8″ x 22’11” up to 105’8″ x 22’11” (16,97m x 6,99m up to 32,19m x 6,99m) Max Fall Height: 60″ (1,52 m)

Xccent Independent Play Stand and Spin

Children ages 2-12 years old will love seeing just how fast they can spin on the Stand-N-Spin! Up to two children can spin at one time, using teamwork to spin. This unit is great for exercise as kids will use their bodies to keep up the momentum by shifting their weight. A wide range of heights can take a spin as there are multiple points to hold on to. The Stand-N-Spin is a great »

Xccent Independent Play Sidewinder Climber

Xccent™ manufacturers some of the most popular commercial playground equipment in the U.S.The Sidewinder is a unique climbing challenge for ages 5-12 that adds style to the playground.  Its aesthetic design brings huge architectural appeal and the suspended center “nucleus” draws kids in expanding their climbing ability! Architecturally appealing design. UV stabilized, high tenacity 16mm steel-enforced rope. Sturdy steel design with powder coated finish. Age Range: 5-12 Child Capacity: 12 ASTM Safety Zone: 18’-8” »

Xccent Independent Play Reactor Wheel

Xccent’s Reactor Wheel is a blast for elementary and middle school age children. It can attach to one of Xccent’s incredible structures or stand alone. It can be enjoyed by one child or several, as it will spin with just one child pushing off the pads or several. It features: Promotes intellectual and strategic skills. Accommodates one child alone or up to five spinning together. High child capacity Child Capacity: 6 ASTM Safety Zone: »

Xccent Independent Play 13′ Pyramid Net

Xccent™ manufacturers some of the most popular commercial playground equipment in the U.S. The Pyramid Net is one of their unique climbers, offering a unique climbing challenge for ages 5-12. The Pyramid Net Climber is perfect for all ages in elementary school, middle school and even high school ages. It features: Super durable rope Inground mount Able to accommodate large numbers of users Age Range: 5-12 ASTM Safety Zone: 40′-9″ x 40′-9″

Xccent Independent Play X-Slide

New exciting slide to give you more play value off your Fusion center deck Fall Height: 60″ (1,52m) Child Capacity: 1 Recommended Ages: 5–12

Xccent Independent Play Spring Rider Boards

Leading manufacturer, Xccent Play™, has come up with real-life ‘Playmotion Rider Spring Boards’ which mimic real life boards such as a Skateboard, Surf Board, Snow Board, and Ski’s.  Kids of all ages love to imagine they’re flying, surfing a big wave, slaloming down a mountain of snow or skateboarding across a huge expanse!  These individual boards are perfect for elementary age kids who need to exercise their growing bodies. The Playmotion Rider Boards, sold »