2-5 Age Group

The great care with which we choose our materials makes our preschool playground equipment structures a kinder and safer place for the infant toddlers in the 2-5 age group. Softer to the touch for small hands, our recycled plastic guardrails, posts, decks, and walls stay cooler than metal under the sun and, unlike their wood and steel counterparts, they will not splinter or corrode over time.

Our use of brightly colored components, together with our uniquely designed rooftops, contributes to imaginative preschool play and lets preschoolers know that this is their own special playground. We believe that a careful blend of active elements, such as age-appropriate climbers, slides and tunnels, along with more passive activities such as learning and game panels, is ultimately the key to the successful physical, social and intellectual development of our children’s motor skills!

Our play structures are manufactured out of solid profiles of 100% premium HDPE recycled plastic lumber (RPL) and offer numerous special advantages over conventional powder-coated metal structures. Recycled plastic is maintenance-free with no possibility of corrosion and does not require painting or touch-ups as color is molded all of the ways through. It does not get as hot in the sun and is softer and safer for children.

Our outdoor play equipment is built extra tough to withstand years of heavy preschool use. To ensure durability and longevity, all recycled plastic components are made out of solid plastic profiles such as 6×6 solid plastic posts, 2×6 or 4×6 solid plastic deck planks, and 2×6 solid plastic guardrails. With these state-of-the-art features, our recycled plastic components come standard with an outstanding limited lifetime warranty.

2-5 Age Group Products