Xccent Independent Play X-Beam

Whether you have a little space or a lot, there’s an Xccent Independent Play element that the kids will love!

The Xccent Independent Play X-Beam helps kids improve balance, coordination and an understanding of cause and effect.

Featuring two types of Playmotion™ technology that allow the hinges to bend in between pieces, and the legs to move the platforms side-to-side. Each section moves separate from the next.

Additional Info

Equipment Dimensions:
Use Zone: 17′ × 40′ (5.18m × 12.19m) ASTM
Size: (L×W×H) 226″ × 17″ × 10″
Fall Height: 11″ (0.27m)
Weight: 236 pounds

Equipment Features:
Capacity: 15 children, ages 5–12
Surface Mount only