Xccent Independent Play F-4 Quad Spinner

Whether you have a little space or a lot, there’s an Xccent Independent Play element that the kids will love!

Children love to spin on the Xccent Independent Play F-4 Quad Spinner! Spinning creates stimulus for mind cognitive development and helps children develop a sense of equilibrium limits.

Quad-spinning action, each unit rotates individually. Kids can play alone or in cooperation; shifting their body weight to spin.

Additional Info

Equipment Dimensions:
Use Zone: 21′ diameter (6.40m) ASTM
Size: (L×W×H) 89″ × 89″ × 96″
Fall Height: 12″ (0.30m)

Equipment Features:
Weight: 475 pounds
Capacity: 8-10 children, ages 5–12