Xccent Independent Monarch Climber

Whether you have a little space or a lot, there’s an Xccent Independent Play element that the kids will love!

The Xccent Independent Play Monarch Climber promotes social interaction and challenge as kids climb and transfer from one section to another by using the ropes connecting each clear rock wall.

Kids laugh, smile, and make silly faces as they interact with each other on the only Clear Rock Wall design in the playground industry. Also available in HDPE Solid Rock Wall climbing panels.

Additional Info

Equipment Dimensions:
Use Zone: 27′ × 13′ (8.22m × 3.96m) ASTM
Size: 180″ × 7″ × 114″
Fall Height: 96″ (2.44m)
Weight: 540 pounds

Equipment Features:
Capacity: 12
In Ground Mount only