Vault Rails M

Product description

Multifunctional angled balance frame for balancing, cat crawling and precision jumping. The bars are 960 mm high. Perfect for practicing vault series and underbars. A Vault Rail is an essential element for every parkour park!

The frame is made of a hot-dip galvanized steel tube measuring 60 mm in diameter. The ball joints and panel fastenings of the frame are made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide plastic for outdoor use. They are highly durable against temperature and weather changes and physical impacts.

Equipment Features:

Largest part 1034 mm
Width 2410 mm
Max. free fall height 960 mm
Heaviest part 3.6 kg
Height 1030 mm
Length 2410 mm
Minimum space/ Length 5280 mm
Minimum space/ Width 5220 mm
Minimum space/ Height 2830 mm
Impact area 21.9 m2
Amount of users 5 PCS