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Nature is the perfect learning environment for children to play with and among elements such as sand, water, and trees. These components encourage physical and imaginative play but are often overlooked in traditional commercial playground design.

Are you are building a natural playground in an area that has mature trees? How about adding a surround for kids to sit and interact!  If there are no trees, think about planting one or two if space permits. Not only do they provide shade, but they also let kids see how they interact with the wind, rain, and seasons.

Create a garden of interesting and hardy plants and provides kids a place to see nature evolve on its own.  Kids can also help maintain the area by watering and weeding it. If the budget permits, you can go one step further and install a root view grower. This allows kids to see what is happening below ground.

Stumps can be utilized for seating purposes. They can be used as stepping stones or climbers. They can also be used in a variety of other exciting and educational ways.

It is crucial to create an environment for children to fully reap the benefits of outdoor play. This is particularly important today, in a time when unstructured play is being overshadowed by screen time. At PDPlay, we’ve found a way to incorporate natural elements into our play structures that still comply with commercial playground guidelines and safety laws. We call these integrated playgrounds Outdoor Learning Environments.