Spider Cage L

Product description

Parkour frame that is perfect for wall runs and underbars. The frame holds two platforms at different heights (960 mm and 1,745 mm), two leaning walls, six vertical walls and hanging bars. The total height is 2,600 mm. There are sections for hanging, climbing over, passing under and jumping. Challenging climbing and hanging sections also for children. Even advanced parkour enthusiasts will be able to challenge their abilities here. Suitable also for school yards, to offer teens a hangout spot with street cred.

The frame is made of a hot-dip galvanized steel tube measuring 60 mm in diameter. The ball joints and panel fastenings of the frame are made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide plastic for outdoor use. They are highly durable against temperature and weather changes and physical impacts.

Equipment Features:

Largest part 2278 mm
Width 5030 mm
Max. free fall height 2530 mm
Heaviest part 53 kg
Height 2600 mm
Length 7960 mm
Minimum space/ Length 10950 mm
Minimum space/ Width 8860 mm
Minimum space/ Height 4400 mm
Impact area 72.7 m2
Amount of users 20 PCS