Smart Surface Rubber Surfacing Kit


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Smart Surface is a 100% recycled rubber surfacing product for patch and repair on existing surfaces and also small area new projects. Conveniently packaged for easy mixing and site application in 6.5-gallon pails. All ingredients are included: rubber crumb, polyurethane resin (glue) and hardener for a quick cure. Covers 12.5′ square feet at a 1/2″ depth.

Rubber Smart utilizes technology and innovation to decrease the installation time with its patented process (quick cure) It also increases surface performance (ASTM D 412) durability and extends service life. Best of all it saves you money on the install.

With Rubber Smart’s quick cure your repair is set up when you’re ready to leave. No more barricades and costly return trips to open the playground. Best of all you’re saving time and money and you’re ahead on your maintenance repair schedule and budget!

  • Patented – Mix and Pour Product
  • Packaged In Easy to Use 6.5-gallon pails (our pails are larger to make mixing in the pail easier on-site)
  • Manufactured in a Quality Controlled Setting
  • High Tensile Strength ASTM D-412
  • NO Maintenance – water-permeable DRAINS
  • Laboratory developed and TESTED
  • 100% RECYCLED Rubber
  • Listed on the California Integrated Waste Exchange
  • Leeds Points applicable
  • Available in 12 color combinations*