Pyramid Climber


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Product description

This pyramid-shaped piece of equipment consists of 11 balls, some of which are connected to each other by metal bars. The total height is 1,510 mm. Multifunctional product for practicing precision jumping, providing an excellent multidimensional launching surface. Precision ball frames are built of polycarbonate and the surface material comprises thermoplastic rubber, which gives the surface a non-slip, soft feel. The joint is supported on the inside by a metal net which reinforces the ball’s structure.

Equipment Features:

Largest part 1206 mm
Width 2340 mm
Max. free fall height 1510 mm
Heaviest part 67.25 kg
Height 1510 mm
Length 2510 mm
Minimum space/ Length 4730 mm
Minimum space/ Width 4660 mm
Minimum space/ Height 3310 mm
Impact area 17.1 m2
Amount of users 10 PCS