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Kids love to climb! What better feature to climb on than a boulder? Boulders offer a variety of challenges for kids of multiple ages and contribute to the authenticity of the natural environment. They are a simple but functional structure for children to climb on, as well as a beautiful item of decoration which improves the aesthetic appeal of any playground.

Unless you have a playground in the mountains, finding boulders will require a trip to a local landscape supply company. However, selecting boulders can be hard to do; as an alternative, you can have a custom climbing boulder made for your playground. You get all the benefits of a natural boulder without sharp edges. Custom boulders are usually built on site to suit the size and scope of a playground.

Custom-designed outdoor learning environments take advantage of the features that already exist within the landscape while incorporating new elements and opportunities for play. Hands-on play with these features involves all of the senses and encourages children to touch, smell, walk and climb.