Product Category: Freestanding Slides

Whatever type of slide you’re looking for, PDPlay has got it! Spiral, wavy, wide, tube and straight. We’ve even got slides that take a turn. PPDlay has the perfect collection of stand alone slides for any playground.

Double Dip Slide

Freestanding Double Dip Slide

Designed to appeal to kids aged between 5 and 12, the double dip slide has dimensions of 4-foot by 15-foot, making it safe and small enough to fit in various locations. Children can race »

poly straight slide

Freestanding Poly Straight Slide

The freestanding poly straight slide is a traditional, straight slide that provides a speedy direct route for children playing. It helps them to grasp the concept of slide usage, and sets them up for »

freestanding wide slide

Freestanding Wide Slide

There is no better starter slide for beginners than PDPlay’s Freestanding Wide Slide. This slide is extra wide to help beginners build confidence and is a comforting 4′ tall. This makes it a fantastic »

Freestanding Wave Slide

Freestanding Wave Slide

The Freestanding Wave Slide provides fun and excitement for kids as they zip up and down its for a wavy ride.  The freestanding wave slide provides a slightly longer sliding experience for children than many »

cobra spiral slide

Freestanding Cobra Spiral Slide

What could be more exciting than a freestanding slide known as ‘the Cobra?’ Our Cobra Spiral Slide provides hours of excitement for adventurous children, as it twists and turns them down areas limited only »