Product Category: Dog Park Structures

Play’s not just for kids. Fido needs fun time too! Adding a designated area for dogs to your park or upgrading what you already have? Check out PDPlays vast selection of dog park equipment like obstacle course structures, hitching posts and waste stations.

smart surface

Smart Surface Rubber Surfacing Kit

Smart Surface is a 100% recycled rubber surfacing product for patch and repair on existing surfaces and also small area new projects. Conveniently packaged for easy mixing and site application in 6.5 gallon pails. »

Pet Waste Station

Additional Info Our Pet Waste Station is available with Single Pull® or Roll Bag dispenser system & lidded, 11 gallon aluminum can. This waste station is constructed from commercial grade aluminum and powder coated »

Dog Hoop

The Dog Hoop Jump is a more challenging activity than other jumping activities, because it requires and precise jump through the opening. Your dog’s confidence will grow as they master this activity. We us »

Dog Structure

Dog Structure

Additional Info This dog structure can be used in a range of contexts. It could be included in a collection of dog daycare play equipment, or a dog playground in other public places. It »

Dog Ramp

Dog Ramp

This fantastic dog ramp helps dogs improve their social skills and obedience while they have fun outdoors. As part of our dog obstacle course equipment range, the dog ramp improves balance, agility and the »

Dog House Tube

Additional Info Crawl tunnels are a classic feature of any dog park. Our Dog House Tube features a 30” tall opening that ensures even the biggest dogs can safely make it through. Convenient side »

Weave Posts

Weave Posts provide a challenging obstacle for dogs, requiring dogs to weave back and forth past each post. Additional Info *available in blue and green     Product Features: Commercial grade components specifically engineered »

Dog Ground Hoops

Dog Ground Hoops (set of 4)

Check out our Dog Ground Hoops designed to provide exercise, obedience training and keep your pup happy and healthy with social interaction. Ground Hoops are a great agility activity that is suitable for all »

Dog Hitching Post

Dog Hitching Post

Built to allow dog owners to safely tether their dogs to an in-ground post. The Dog Hitching post protects other visitors, and ensures that pet owners can safely enjoy your outdoor amenities while complying »

dog bone hurdle

Dog Bone Hurdle

Check out our new Dog Bone Hurdle designed to provide exercise, obedience training and keep your pup happy and healthy with social interaction. Additional Info Frame: Powder coated 2.25” OD steel tube. 3/4” polyethylene. »