Play Structures

Commercial Playground Products

Our play structures are designed to be engaging for children and environmentally friendly. We believe that a well constructed playground should challenge kids. They should be able to explore, solve problems and reach new heights. These structures are designed to also be safe for children of varying ages. With some playground structures designed for toddlers and others for older children more physically developed.

We make special efforts to design playgrounds that are both fun for children, but also safely designed. We use recycled plastics and wooden structures to build a sustainable future for the future generation. At the forefront of our mind is always safety and sustainability, which is why all our structures are built to the standards of the United States of American Consumer Product Safety Commission.

To make sure that our play structures are fair to children of all shapes, sizes, and conditions, we also build our playground equipment to the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which insures that the play environment will be safe, accessible, and fair to all children.

A great play space can help a child develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. This will keep our children happier, healthier, and smarter. offers the building blocks to create an unforgettable playground structure for school, home, or anywhere else where a playground may fit right in.

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Playground Features’s network allows your child to design their perfect playground. We only offer durable, safe, and affordable products. The system we’ve created keeps the child in mind, offering everything they may want in a playground, such as:

– Slides

– Swings and Swing Sets

– Climbing Walls

– Carousels and Merry-go-rounds

– Balancing beams

Our Playground Promise

It doesn’t matter if the playground structure is for a school, church, day care, or community centre – offers playground structures for all children, catering to their preferred play style as much as we can.

We believe that our play structures are the best in child safety. All of the structures we offer are built with the highest quality metals, plastics, timbers, and woods. This means that our play structures will stand the test of time, and last you and your children years to come.

Our team of experts are able to answer any concerns and questions about your order. We always aim to handle these tickets in a timely fashion. If you have any special requirements, then please feel free to ask our team. We have designed natural playgrounds using cut down trees – we’ve got the expertise needed for all playground structures.