Get Moving with Parkour

Parkour equipment by Lappset Group

Looking to incorporate a full-body workout on your playground?  Look no further than Parkour equipment by Lappset Group, now available from PDPlay!

Day by day, parkour is getting more recognition and gaining popularity in the United States.  The sport inspires a fitness regimen that includes running, jumping, and climbing, while providing traceurs (parkour practitioners).  Traceursa is a training method to improve strength, speed, agility, coordination, stamina, endurance, and precision.

Lappset Group’s parkour components offers a full-body workout at any level of experience and presents a fun way to practice this invigorating sport.  Parkour elements can be assembled in any configuration to create elaborate, challenging systems, with multiple parts and options available to customize courses for any size or budget.

Parkour 2

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