Outdoor play with electronic appeal!

Sutu is an interactive ball wall with 16 impact-sensitive panels and LED lighting.

Sutu comes with a variety of challenging games that motivate users to move, practice and improve their accuracy in a fun way. The colourful LED lighting and sounds give users feedback on their performance.
Technology has changed the world and has influenced how children play. Sutu is part of a new culture of play where the positive elements of gaming, such as excitement, leveling-up and competition, are combined with the classical aspects of outdoor play, including social development, healthy exercise, and community involvement.

Sutu encourages children and adolescents to play outdoors instead of sitting indoors in front of the computer or television. Sutu also appeals to adults, and the games can be played alone or in a group.

Sutu compliments and expands the range of games that can be played in ArcSport multi-purpose arenas and also attracts players who may not otherwise be interested in team sports.